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BN On Google News

So how many of you guys remember this post?

More than a year ago I made a request to you guys to help us out by writing to Google News editors so that we can be included in their news search engines. I know many of you sent in your recommendation. Although we didn't get recommended right away, our compadres from SBN stayed persistent. And now we are in business. BN blogposts and your diaries are going to show up all over Google news search. And here is your prime example.

There you have it. Barnes2JJ's diary was the number 1 entry most of today when someone typed in "oj mayo" in the Google News search engine.

Now that is pretty cool to me. As we have said many times: we are just getting started in BN. So get ready for more fun!

On a more serious note though this is going to put us in great shape if and when we need to get our messages our concerning the direction of our football, basketball, and other athletic program. One way or other the rapid blasts from this community driven Bruin message machine are going to spread all over the internets. It will help us amplify the pressure on Karl Dorrell if he fails to win the Pac-10 championship.

The internets - rulz!