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Lute Olson's New "Standard" Same As Old "Standard"

Sometimes our blog posts here write themselves. I mean we don't even have to try any more to push certain storylines.

This off-season we are already hearing how Arizona basketball is going to make a comeback this year because of the good ole' addition by subtraction concept. Yeah, Arizona basketball is supposed to make a comeback because it is getting rid of all of its headcases (read selfish athletes playing jungleball) such as Marcus Williams.

You remember Marcus Williams? The "Standard" (emphasis mine throughout):

Sure, UCLA is undefeated and No. 1 in nation.

But while the rest of the Pac-10 and country is trying to measure up to the Bruins, surging Arizona is beginning to think it is the standard against which UCLA should be comparing itself. [...]

"We're the standard. I don't think they are the standard," Williams said of the Bruins.
So what kind of talent Arizona is brining in to replace athletes like Marcus Williams. Well they are getting Brandon Jennings, who many consider one of the best players from the class of 2008. Brandon sounds just like Marcus:
As far as the players, Gibbons said, "I'd say Brandon Jennings is the best player here. Talent-wise, he's just head and shoulders above the other point guards," noted Gibbons.

Jennings himself agreed with that assessment. "Having former pros teaching you is real exciting, but to be honest, I've had my way with everyone at this camp so far. Nobody here has really been any competition for me," said the cocky Cali lefty. "I think I'm the king of [high school] point guards right now."

"I don't respect West Coast point guards; they're too Hollywood for me. I'm more of an East Coast, flashy-type point guard," continued the rising senior at Oak Hill, arguably the most exciting player in the class. "Someone like Jrue Holiday [another top-ranked Cali guard], he's real smooth, goes to work in the first three quarters-but he's not a killer yet. Me, I'm a killer."
ROFL. Brandon who is dissing "West Coast" point guards is originally from the West Coast.

On more important note he pretty much took a broad swipe at both Malcolm Lee and Jerime Anderson, blue chips guards from 2008 class who have already committed to Howland. And then there is that classless cheap shot on Jrue Holiday, who right now is strongly favoring UCLA.

Why do I get the feeling that despite all the addition by subtraction nonsense we hear through this offseason (and the next one since Jennings isn't coming in till 08) it's going to be more of the same in Lute Olson's fading program.

A program who certain morons besides Marcus Williams consider as the standard in the Pac-10:
You mentioned Arizona as the standard for recruiting, how much is UCLA the standard for long-term success in basketball?

I think you look at what's going on right now and the team to beat right now is Arizona. In my opinion, that is the team that everyone should be concerned with over the course of the last ten years. They have been playing at a high national level on a consistent basis, turning out NBA players. They have been doing a lot of their work here in southern California. It makes a lot of sense for a young man who is thinking about the next four years of his life as opposed to leaving our area to build a relationship with the Trojan family, which is so strong. Those are the type of things that we are going to sell and try to do. They will be our staff's measuring stick and I consider Lute (Olson) a guy to look at with great respect. There are a lot of coaches in this league who are terrific basketball coaches, but Lute got that program turned around by being a recruiting coach. I intend to do the same thing here.
Now why I am bringing Timmeh into this? Because Jennings - the New Marcus Williams of UA - committed to Timmeh before backing out of that commitment and giving his word to good ole Lute.

It all makes sense. Doesn't it? There is a reason why Marcus Williams and Brandon Jennings of the world end up in Arizona, while Howland focused on loading it up with the next generation of AA. And so far the Arizona standard has worked out perfectly for our Ben Ball warriors:

It's going to be fun watching Anderson, Lee, and maybe (fingers crossed, knocking on wood) Holiday dishing out the Standard Ben Ball treatment when Brandon and rest of the Mildcat clowns come into Pauley in couple of years.