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Congrats AA

Well what do I know? :-)

Wrote this last Thursday:

I still believe AA would be a great addition for teams like Utah, San Antonio or Detroit Pistons, teams that put emphasis on defense and team game. AA would thrive in environment like that. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. There isn't anyone who deserves good things happening to him than AA.
And voila!
Arron Afflalo did not work out for the Detroit Pistons, nor did he converse with them, but it didn't keep the club from taking the former UCLA guard in Thursday's first round of the NBA draft.

And the personality of the Pistons and Afflalo seem like a wonderful fit.

"When you talk about Detroit Piston basketball, the first thing that comes to mind is mental and physical toughness, and a desire to get better," said the 6-foot-5, 225-pound Afflalo, who was the 27th pick overall. "I think those are my strongest qualities."
And speaking of good things for our favorite UCLA basketball player in recent history, all the hard work AA has put in over the years means aa guaranteed two-year contract worth $1,633,200. Per Dohn's report (linked above) two option years worth $2,537,276 will also be part of the deal. As I said this couldn't happen to a better person.

AA's new boss - Detroit's GM Joe Dumars (who still gives me nightmares for what he did to Purple and Gold 18 years ago) - gives his reason for picking the Ben Ball warrior:
"What I like about his versatility is he can guard ones, twos and threes," Pistons general manager Joe Dumars said. "He's a flat-out tough guy. He's a warrior. He's a big-time scorer. I don't think UCLA has the success they've had the last two years if he's not the leading scorer, and leading that team."

Afflalo and Stuckey should provide depth in Detroit's backcourt, especially after veteran Chauncey Billups opted out of his contract earlier in the week.

"I like the fact (Afflalo) has been on that big stage, and he knows what it's like," Dumars said. "He's not going to be intimidated."
More from the Detroit Free Press:
The Compton native is known for his stellar work ethic as well as his ability to move without the ball and run off screens.

"With Afflalo, what you're getting is flat-out winner, tough guy, can score the basketball," Dumars said.
AA won't disappoint Mr. Dumars and the Piston fans. More on AA from Bruin Basketball Report, Bruin Hoop Scoop, and The Insomniac Lounge (he compares AA to Natalie Portman).

We can all imagine how excited the Afflalos are this morning. There is someone else who is smiling back in Westwood. From the official site:
"I'm really excited for Arron and his family," Bruin head coach Ben Howland said via a statement. "He's worked very hard and this is a life-long dream of his. I can't think of anybody more deserving than Arron to be a first-round draft pick in the NBA. He's going to a great franchise with an outstanding team and an opportunity to be a part of something really special."
Everything about Ben Ball these days is something special.

Once again Congrats to AA from the entire Bruins Nation and please join me in the comment thread wishing one of our favorite players of all time a healthy and successful career in the NBA.