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The Best Athletic Programs in America

The final standings for the Director's Cup, an award presented to the top college athletics programs in America is out. Here is the top-10:

Here is the entire list (PDF). Gotta love the fact that 5 of the top-10 programs are from the Pac-10. Dump Dorrell also has this on the award.

Congrats to all our incredible student athletes and their wonderful coaches who continue to make UCLA proud. Here is DG (emphasis mine):

"Our goal at UCLA is to have a broad-based program that is nationally competitive in all of our sports," said director of athletics Dan Guerrero. "Our placing in the Directors' Cup standings, combined with the number of programs we had in contention for NCAA titles this year, is a tribute to all of the student-athletes, coaches and staff members who contribute to the overall success of the program.

"This was a great year for the Bruin family and there will be more great years in the future."
Again congrats to all the Bruins who won a championship or were in serious contention for a championship through the whole season.

Once again though the successes of all of our incredible athletic programs only highlight the underachievments of Karl Dorrell and Kathy Olivier, the awful coach leading the women's basketball program. DG is not going to say that. But we can and will continue to until Karl and Kathy prove themselves like their peers in Westwood who continue to make us proud by striving for excellence both on and off the field.