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"Not Guilty"

The fellas over at unloaded this blast over the latest TrOJie shenanigans:

Why does everyone keep unfairly picking on usc? Why are the trojans such false accusation magnets?

Just this week, two different trojans were exonerated after suffering through some heinous and unwarranted attacks. Linebacker Rey Maualuga was facing some obviously bogus charges from an ex with a chip on her shoulder, who must have gotten her bruises somewhere else (and NOT from the bumper of a booster's car).

Almost simultaneous to this announcement of Rey's unquestioned innocence came the disclosure that Linebacker Kulaka Maiava was NOT guilty of striking a 17-year old co-ed in a Hawaii altercation, as was previously, and erroneously, reported.

The REAL "story" is that Kulaka was a hero (like most trojans), pulling his brother out of harm's way. Apparently, an entire sorority was ganging up on him, attempting to give him a happy ending. Luckily for him, his brother was there to save him from that horrific fate. Believe it or not, and this is truly part of the new story: The girls have already apologized for their inappropriate behavior.

How dare they falsely accuse a usc football player. On second thought, it seems to be the en vogue thing to do these days. Maybe the girls just wanted to fit in.

It is not necessary, or worth the bandwidth, to list here all the falsely accused trojans, but Safety Josh Pinkard is now vying to make that list, and the trojans are reportedly pulling out the big guns to make it so.
Make sure to read the whole post.

One more note on Maiava. So per the news report the guy was just there as an innocent bystander who was trying to get his little brother out of a fight remember. Compare that to UCLA football program, which suspended two football players who were trying to break up a fight. Just saying.

Anyways going back to Pinkard, the TrOJie is DB is of course calling on Carmen, who given his track record and connections to the City Attorneys office, will probably be successful in getting another (alleged) Pom Pom thug to come across as:

"Not Guilty"

Fight on TrOJies.