"You Can't Win Every Game"

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I may take some heat for this diary, but I wanted to put this item out there.  

From the recent UCLA alumni magazine (page 46), is this quote from senior defensive tackle Kevin Brown:

"You can't win every game.  Our biggest focus is to live up to our potential and play that UCLA style of football [like] those teams that were going to Rose Bowls.  Everyone has dreams of winning the national championship and Pac-10 title, and with good work those things are going to come, [but] you have to have short-term goals.  You focuse on square one, you go game-by-game.  When the games come, everything falls into place from practice." From this quote, Kevin seems like an intelligent, educated guy to me.  I don't know him at all and he's probably a great guy.  In fact, I agree with most of what he said.

But I am a little troubled by the first sentence in the above paragraph:  "You can't win every game."  I am also a little troubled by his statement that you have to have "short term goals."  To me, that smacks of KD's "three game season."

I am going to play a little devil's advocate here.  Why can't you (that is, UCLA) win every game?  What is wrong with long term goals (winning the National Championship)?

I am not writing this diary to stir things up on BN.  I am not a flamethrower or a bombthrower or whatever.  I post the above quote (which, after all, is taken from UCLA's alumni magazine) to encourage some debate about this.

Why am I bothered by this?  I don't think members of championship teams (no matter what sport you are talking about) say things like, "You can't win every game" and think you should have "short terms goals."  Think back to the 1980s Lakers (or even the Celtic championship teams of the 80s), some of the Yankee dominant squads, or (God forbid me as I write this) the recent SuC teams.  There was a certain attitude there, call it arrogance maybe, but I believe those teams that do make it to the top have to have a certain arrogance (or higher level of confidence) than other teams.  Those championship teams DO think they can win every game.

Anyway, perhaps I am making too much of this.  Maybe I have "micro-analyzed" his statements.  I truly do not intend to pick on Kevin Brown at all and I'm not trying to turn this diary into another KD pinata bash.  I also hate to focus on the negative, but hey, this is something I just read, and therefore, it may be ripe for discussion.

I just think the expectations for UCLA football have, unfortunately, fallen, and this does concern me.  

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.

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