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Remember the Titans

I can hardly wait to Rye's baseball preview for the upcoming super regionals against Fullerton (BTW all our games will be on the WWL). Fullerton of course has been one of the strongest baseball programs not just in Southern California, but also in the country for quiet some time. Bruin have played the Titans in a 3 game series earlier this year (1 game at Goodwin field which the Bruin won, the remaining ones at Jackie Robinson both of which we dropped).

Now the manager for Cal State Fullerton is this fella named George Horton. And he sounds like an interesting guy who made some curious comments heading into that series which I am sure got a lot of people's attention who follows college baseball closely. Here is what Horton had to say about UCLA baseball to Baseball America heading into their first matchup of this season:

"I think they're trying to get into that phase where they can compete with the big boys," Fullerton coach George Horton said of UCLA.
Uhhh ... okay.

And then this what he said about Bruin ace Tyson Brummet going up against Titan ace  Wes Roemer:
"He's very good, what I would call a Joe College righthander," Horton said of Brummett. "He doesn't wow you with stuff, there'll be some scouts there with guns probably more for Wes than for him, but those kind of guys are tough to beat, those three- or four-pitch guys who can throw any pitch at any time. It will be a similar challenge to what we faced with Guilmet, and we didn't handle that real well."
For the record the "Joe College righthander" went on to beat Wes by a score of 6-2. As mentioned above Bruins dropped the next two against the Titans by scores of 4-7 and 2-7. But here is the rub they were missing 3rd baseman Jermaine Curtis, who did not become eligible until the Spring Quarter. Jermaine of course has been an offensive fire starter for us providing the spark during a torrid streak in Spring which basically sealed our tourney spot before emerging as the MVP in the recent regionals.

So we are hoping things are going to be a bit different this time around. I am sure the "Joe College righthander" and his team-mates remember the Titan Manager's comments heading into this weekend. I can't wait.