UCLA Has 12 Players in Rivals Top 250

UCLA has 12 players in the newly released Rivals top 250.  Each one of our players is given a 4 star rating.  Rahim Moore is the #1 ranked safety in the entire class and EJ Woods is #3.

The list:
Kemonte Bateman WR
Nick Crissman QB
Aundre Dean RB
Anthony Dye CB
Aaron Hester CB
Damien Holmes DE
Jerry Johnson WR
Datone Jones DE
Uona Kavienga LB
Rahim Moore S
Antwon Moutra WR
EJ Woods S

12 of our now 15 recruits (we just added offensive linemen Jonathan Martin) are 4 star recruits.  Right now we probably have the second best class in the country and we definitely should have a top 10 class for next year.  We are still in it with a few top notch players and according to Tracy Pierson at Bruin Report Online, we are doing very well with running back Darrell Scott, the #2 ranked player in the entire class.

I have been very critical of Karl Dorrell on the field, but he has really improved off the field when it comes to recruiting.  Our assistant coaches are extremely good recruiters and if we have the success on the field that we should have, it will only get better.  Have to give credit when credit is due.

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