Final Scapegoat #4: TE/ST Coach Wristen Gone!!

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There are times when you just have to sit back and marvel at the madness. Today is one of those times. We predicted in early January that Dorrell would scapegoat 4 coaches for the abysmal performance of the team last year, and we named them all: OC Jim Svoboda, OL coach Jim Colletto, WR coach DJ McCarthy and TE/ST coach John Wristen. You might think that we have someone deep in the program because before today, 3 of the 4 we said would be gone have left the program ... fired, took a "step up to the NFL," or took off to "better opportunities." We all knew what the real story was, despite the tripe Morgan Center was pushing. They were gone before the season ended, scapegoats for Dorrell's anemic offense and horrible coaching.

The hammer came down today on the 4th and final scapegoat: TE and Special teams coach John Wristen has resigned. And get this ... just when you think you heard it all ... Morgan Center wants you to believe that Wristen left "to pursue" a head coaching job at his alma mater. Wha?? What the heck does that mean?? "Pursue??" It doesn't say he left to "take" the head coaching job, which of course would be a step up. No, it's now Summer and Wristen is "pursuing" a head coaching job. Do they seriously think we are supposed to believe that is the story here?? Too funny, if it weren't about OUR football program.

Just weeks before the season gets under way, a season on which so much is riding, Dorrell loses yet another coach. Even for the most loyal Dorrell fan, the timing has to be considered very odd and bad for the team. Who is going to be available now to coach the important special teams lineup? With all that went wrong with Special Teams and our OL last year, and with yet another offensive coordinator with new plays coming on board in the Spring, and with a stumbling offense coming out of Spring practices, how can Dorrell make this right?? Who is going to be able to step into an underperforming, fluid situation like Dorrell's football program and bring stability, focus, and execution??

Dorrell, now in his 5th year, has shown again and again that he is incapable of getting this right (DC Walker's record is far from blemish free). Dorrell now has to rely on the maturity, poise, talent, and intelligence of his heavily experienced and mostly senior starting team. For most decent coaches, there would be no problem. For Dorrell, his players may be his only hope. Think back to 2005 and all those miracle wins. When Dorrell let our guys loose and dumped his game-plan only AFTER he was about to lose, our immensely talented seniors took over and won ... barely. They snatched for Dorrell his only winning season from another .500 season. This is what Dorrell will have to rely on this year because its obvious at this late date that his coaching is not "turning the corner." What Wristen leaving tells us is that Dorrell has not fixed the problems with his program. Something is rotten in Westwood.

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