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Bruin Summer Madness

It's been a while since I have been this fired up for a college baseball game. Amazing what a great coaching staff will do to reestablish real excitement in a college program. To keep everyone in  Bruin baseball state of mine thought we start this weekend of couple of clips of current Bruin alums in the Bigs.

First let's go with Chase, who has emerged as the unquestionable star in the city of brotherly love. From a Philly fan expressing his "feelings" about Chase last year while everything else with the team was not going so well:

ROFL. Gotta love those sports fan from Phillie.

Meanwhile up in Toronto, in a little mellower environment Glaus (I cannot bring myself to write his first name) is the corner stone of the Blue Jay franchise:

Well Glaus is (statistically) off to a slow start this year. But given his track record he will be probably pick it up.

Other notable Bruins in the Bigs include Garrett Atkins (Rockies) and Eric Byrnes (D'backs). You can see the full list here.

And of course you will see many more future big leaguers tomorrow at Goodwin Field sporting that magical four letter in Bruin blue. Rest of us will be watching it on WWL. This is starting to feel like a baseball version of June Madness!

Play Ball.