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Exciting Friday Roundup & Notes

Let’s start this Friday’s version of roundup and notes with the good stuff: Bruin Baseball. Rye has already set up the stage with a comprehensive preview of tomorrow’s super regionals. The OC Register has a preview of our Bruins zeroing on our starting pitching. Basically as the season has worn on our guys seem to be getting stronger as they were just one out away from pitching an incredible three complete games in the regional. Coach Savage is stoked about the growing and learning (yes, too easy) process of his pitching staff:

"In the age of college pitching, this certainly was unusual, that's for sure," Savage said. "But these guys are in very good shape. Their velocity seemed to be up a little bit, so they didn't seem to be getting tired."

Savage added that Brummett and Brooks have shown that kind of endurance all season, while Murphy, who pitched briefly as a freshman, has evolved into what he called "a great pitcher. It's rewarding to see how those guys have worked extremely hard."

Brummett credited Savage for not only the pitchers' performances, but also how the Bruins turned an 8-14 start into a Super Regional berth.

"He has had us working on our mental approach, which is getting one the first batter of every inning and staying ahead of guys to limit the damage," Brummett said.
The article had another interesting note on Savage:
Savage worked as the pitching coach at USC, where he developed the arms of Mark Prior, Barry Zito and Seth Etherton.
I have no problem with that. Just like I would have no problem with Norm Chow being the next head coach of UCLA football program.

Now speaking football, we can see the results of whole lot of deep thinking going on in the Thinker’s program. Dorrell is apparently about to something that should have been done couple of years ago: moving Rasshan to WR:
When Osaar Rasshan signed with UCLA out of Pomona Garey High, the Bruins hoped they found a Vince Young-type player. Now, UCLA is hoping Rasshan is more like former Bruins quarterback-turned-NFL receiver Drew Bennett.

That's because the physically gifted Rasshan is making the move from quarterback to receiver. Rasshan, who will be a redshirt sophomore, worked out as a receiver during passing drills during an informal team workout Thursday.

"It's not official yet," said Rasshan, but several program insiders said the move will become official shortly.

Rasshan, who is 6-foot-4, often made dazzling plays in the open field during practice, but previously balked at suggested position changes.

He made one spectacular diving catch in the corner of the end zone during the workout.
I generally don’t like blockquoting from old posts, but I did write this last August:
Probably the most wasted talent in recent UCLA football history is none other than Drew Bennett. Drew for last few years has been tearing up the NFL as a receiver with the TN Titans, making clutch catch after clutch catch. Toledo put him in for trick plays (remember that catch against Oregon (Cade?s Puke Game)) here and there but never fully utilized his talent. Perhaps Svoboda can scheme in Rasshan here and there in the offense putting defenses on their heels. That’d be kind of fun. Then again, the word fun is not exactly synonymous with Dorrell’s conservative Donahue football. So who knows?
Oh well. None of us are getting paid to "think" as the head coach of UCLA football team. Thinking is hard work. So I guess we are supposed to leave Dorrell alone. Anyways that Rasshan news was courtesy of Dohn who also has more notes on shifts in the depth chart:
UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker said at the end of spring practice Aaron Whittington won the strong-side linebacker battle against John Hale, and the post-spring depth chart shows it.

Hale was shifted to middle linebacker, where he will back up Christian Taylor. Kyle Bosworth was moved from middle to strong-side linebacker, and will backup Whittington.

In addition, Brian Abraham beat out Aleksey Lanis for the right tackle spot. To punctuate that, Lanis is now listed as Micah Kia's backup at left tackle.
I wonder if Lanis is still being hampered by an arm injury IIRC he suffered late last season. Hope he gets back in form soon. To me it seemed like he was out best talent in the OL last year.

As for other notes in football. Dorrell hired a new TE’s coach, the day after former one "left" the program to pursue some job opportunity at some pathetic college team back in Colorado. I have seen some comments going around about how he needs to be close to his family, not taking into account of the fact he really doesn’t exactly have the reputation of being a family man. Moreover, DD got Brian Dohn to admit that finance (which was being floated as an excuse by some Dorrell lackies) wasn’t issue. So uh yeah. I am sure there was nothing odd about the circumstances around which Wristen "left" the program. I am sure he wasn’t scapegoated.

Anyways as mentioned yesterday Angus dude comes from a program which was one of the worst in D-1 in both running game and total offense. And he was in charge of – you guessed it – running game. I guess he had a working relationship with Norvell back in Nebraska, where they were coaching under Callahan, horrifying the Nebraska faithful with their own version of an ugly, ineffective WCO. During their time NE (2004-05), the Huskers put together a Dorrellian record of 13-10. This is all so exciting!

Speaking of exciting some in attempt to find any sort of silver lining with the state of UCLA football are excited about Dorrell bringing in a 3rd string high school wide receiver as a walk-on. No seriously. People are excited about this. Just like back in the day some people would get excited about Lavin bringing in someone like – oh I don’t know- say Ryan Walcott. "Wait, did you see Ryan on the tape?" "He is Bibby’s cousin for chrissakes." "Try something to say positive about Lavin for once." Chill out haters.

Allright, all right. No need to get down here people. Let’s get back to baseball, and share some real exciting news. The MLB draft was yesterday. And we here at BN are very proud of the fact Brant Rustich was selected by the Mets in the second round. Brant is also a friend of Bruins Nation via facebook. Congrats Brant.

So let’s gear up for the super regionals. Read Rye’s preview again. The broadcast will be tomorrow night at 4 pm PST on ESPN. We will put up our special Road to Omaha game thread. Can’t wait. Now that’s the kind of exciting feeling we can all use while following the Thinker’s program.