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Road to Omaha - Special Open Thread

Here we go. If you are logging on here today for last min info. on our team, here is the google map directions to Goodwin Field. Again for a refresher on today's matchups make sure to read Rye's primer.

We have been excited about this game ever since the boys recorded their last out against the Dirtbags last Sunday.

Time for some Bruin baseball:

Photo credit/source: BigWillieStyles' photostream

The official site has set up a special page for today's game which includes among other things links to stats, rosters for both teams.

Again the game is going to be on national television - ESPN - with first pitch scheduled for 4 pm PST. If you are one of the unlucky ones stuck at a library, office, airport or whereever without a TV, you can listen/follow the game online by going here. And of course those of you who have both post away in the open game thread here.