Non Baseball Saturday Notes

Unless something blockbuster happens wrt to football or hoops, we will keep the home page focus on baseball for next 48 hours.

Mentioned yesterday about Dohn reporting some shifting around the depth chart. He also put up a post about it on his blog which includes the "tenative" depth chart. I am going to withold my comments on it until August once we get into training camp.

In case you missed it SI put up a photo gallery on the ugliest uniforms in college football. The top choice is not a surprise to anyone. Of course if I were to come up with such a list I'd make sure to include the team that goes with the color combination of commie Red and Gold.

Moving on to hoops AA talks to CSTV about the notion that he will get to expand his game in the NBA:

"A lot of players go through that and you have to learn to play with guys and play on the team and put winning first. I've always done that and a lot of players do that," Afflalo said. "But with that sometimes you make small sacrifices on your individual game and some of the creativity you have as a basketball player. I just want to make sure some of these teams know that I have a certain ability regardless if it's used or shown." As I mentioned I have no problems with these comments from AA and his camp. They need to do whatever they have to do to market him. At the end I don't think it is going to have any impact whatsoever on Howland and our program's ability to recruit considering our record speaks for itself. But I do believe AA can also help himself if he also focuses on the point how he is the perfect team player lot of elite NBA teams (ala Spurs/Pistons who play team ball) will benefit from having on their roster.

Lastly, our SBN mothership launched a new home site. I think its worth checking out if you are sports junkie in general. Needless to say we are extremely proud of the fact that we were the first college blog and one of the orginal members of this powerful network. Thanks to everyone here we are just getting started.


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