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Young Guns ...

I think we are all just about ready for today's ball game at Goodwin Field (google map). The story is going to be how our young guns are going to handle the Titans this early evening. Savage is going to count on the combination of Brummett, Brooks & Murphy:

This season, the Bruins' pitching staff is the ultimate example of cultivating success on the mound. UCLA has gone from a team that struggled early while trying to replace two of last year's starting pitchers who had gone early in the MLB draft, to earning its first appearance in an NCAA Super Regional since 2000, due in large part to a cast of previously unproven starting pitchers.

"Coming into the season, pitching was definitely a question mark," sophomore left-hander Tim Murphy said. "We were known for our defense, but everyone was like, `What's the pitching going to be like?' We wanted to be confident, but I wouldn't say we ever thought it would be this good."

Senior right-hander Tyson Brummett was the only returning starter, having gone 6-7 with a 4.52 ERA last season as a No. 3 starter. Murphy hadn't pitched since high school and was set for a second season as a starting outfielder.

Brooks was viewed as talented, but was only a freshman and recovering from shoulder surgery.

They were the only three pitchers UCLA needed last weekend to sweep its three games at the Long Beach Regional and advance to Super Regionals, where the Bruins open a best-of-three series at Cal State Fullerton today at 4 p.m.

Brooks and Murphy are coming off complete-game victories, and Murphy also appeared in relief to record the final out of Brummet's last start.
Tyson is going to be on the mound today going up against the Titan ace Wes Romer. As mentioned Ty already beat Wes once earlier in the regular season. But obviously its a different ball game now. Its a new season. And for their part the Fullerton coach is not being shy about their chances in this tournament:
"We're Cal State Fullerton. We're expected to advance, and other teams expect us to be tough and don't realize some of our weaknesses," Horton said. "Everyone thinks being king of the mountain is easy. Sometimes, it's pretty hard."
I guess he has earned the right to talk. After all the Titans were in the Final-4 of college baseball world series last season, and they won the title as recent as 2004. Lets hope our guys are not worried about the past and just in focused just like they did going into the regionals in Long Beach.

The TrOJan Times took some time to write about the super regionals.  Peter Yoon wrote a little capsule, which I think Rye can write up  in less than a minute. He also has an extra feature involving one of today's players, but of course it is not involving the team that actually is located in Los Angeles. How much do you want to bet that there would be a front page spread on the other team from South Central, if they were the one playing in super regionals today riding the arms of three great pitchers?

Anyways, we just need to keep winning. Speaking of which we will get the game thread up in bit riding the mojo of BigWillieStyle's Photo stream. Here is to our young guns bringing home a victory against the Los Angeles Titans of Fullerton.