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Howlendesque v. Dorrellian

AA after the loss against Ducks this past season (emphasis mine throughout):

"I never want to feel like this again in my entire career here," Afflalo said. "I truly thought this team couldn't be beat. Not from a negative standpoint, but the way we play, the type of heart we usually play with, the leadership we have on this team. I didn't think we could be beat.
And then you have Kevin Brown as (pointed out by Barnes2JJ) going into next season:
"You can't win every game.  Our biggest focus is to live up to our potential and play that UCLA style of football [like] those teams that were going to Rose Bowls.  Everyone has dreams of winning the national championship and Pac-10 title, and with good work those things are going to come, [but] you have to have short-term goals.  You focuse on square one, you go game-by-game.  When the games come, everything falls into place from practice."
From our vantage point the difference in the attitudes between these two athletes couldn't be more striking, and it perhaps tell us what we need to know about the leadership (or lack there of) at the top of these two programs.

One doesn't concede an inch while the other just plays not to lose.