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Outside Pressures Building On Dorrell

I think we may just be seeing signs of outside pressures starting to grow on Dorrell. Yesterday DD pointed out the Blue Ribbon preview of UCLA in ESPN, which essentially amounted to a vote of no confidence on Karl Dorrell.

Now once again as we have made the distinction tons of time that was a prediction on how UCLA football will perform under the leadership of Karl Dorrell. In terms of expectations check out what Terry Bowden thinks how UCLA should perform this upcoming season. Here is Bowden in Yahoo Sports (emphasis ours):

If there ever were a chance for head coach Karl Dorrell to solidify his position at UCLA, this season should be it. The Bruins have more starters returning than any other team in the league, and with that number (20) spread out evenly over the offense and defense the team should be strong on both sides of the ball. The schedule also is favorable and could allow the Bruins to be 11-0 going into their regular-season finale with USC.
Obviously that perfectly jives with our expectations here on Bruins Nation.

It is also interesting that certain college football observers are already putting Dorrell on the hot seat. For instance, CoachesHotSeat, a site dedicated to tracking college football coaches who are going to be tracking coaches under pressure this season, already has Dorrell in their top-10 list of coaches in trouble.

Safe to say if UCLA football experiences more moments like these, Dorrell will be rapidly climbing up that list:

Yeap if see more endings/results like that game, you can bet Dorrell will be rocketing up this top-10 list.

So all those writers from the Daily Bruin (and apparently LA's traditional media in general) who are lurking on BN, perhaps this is the obvious story line you can write on in next couple of weeks. Because given Dorrell's track record finishing at the top of this list seems to be the only way he will ever finish on top of any list that is a result of performances (or in Dorrel's case lack of) on the field.