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All Fired Up

So it clearly looks like that the word is getting out.

Folks outside the Bruins Nation (and the UCLA world in general) are coming to the realization wrt the competency of Karl Dorrell, and they are seeing what we are seeing in terms of what should be the reasonable expectations for UCLA football this upcoming season.

Now as we keep this expectations drumbeat going through this off season, every now and then we are also going to point to the optimism coming from other corners of UCLA communities (than are dominated by blindos) as well.

Everyone is fired up. Check out this thread over at Bruin Report Online. From a Dorrell supporter wrt to minimum expectations for next season:

This season UCLA returns 10 starters on a D that was top20 in the country statistically and completely shut down USC's vaunted offense;  led by probable All pac.10 picks: Defensive end Bruce Davis, strong safety Chris Horton, cornerback Trey Brown..

they return 10 starters on Offense; and get their starting QB back from injury in Ben Olson; as well as the continued growth and maturation of the offensive line where two freshmen started at tackle last year: Micah Kia and Aleksey Lanis... senior RB Chris Markey returns from 1000 yard rushing year last season.. Valued playmakers wr Joe Cowan and TE Ryan Moya return from injuries that sidelined them for most of last year.

The schedule has home games against BYU, Notre Dame, Cal, Oregon, Washington, , ASU-- I expect them to win every one of these games.

the road games are against Stanford, Utah, Oregon st., Washington st., Arizona, and USC.... I expect them to win at least 3 of these games.

9 wins minimum; 10 or 11 more likely...

and after a 10 or 11 win season with a quality bowl game;;;; UCLA will again have a strong recruiting class next season; and the program will be on track to put itself back in a position as a perennial top 15 program.. year in, year out... And if KD gets some NFL opportunities UCLA should do everything they can to make Dewayne Walker the head coach.
Uhm okay.

I think it is kind of pathetic to set a baseline expectation of going .500 on the road. If UCLA is truly an up and coming program under KD, than it should not have a problem at least going 1 game over .500 on the road with a supposedly veteran team with 20 returning starters.

In other words they should at least win 4 out of their 6 road games if Dorrell wants to project the perception he is building a program that is headed towards a perennial top-15 status, which presumably will be contending for Pac-10 championships and Southern Cal year in and year out. After all we have Dorrell honks flat out saying they expect his team to be a sleeper NC title pick for this upoming season.

In any event, even assuming that poster's pathetically low baseline expectation that Bruins should win 3 road games, in order for them to pull of at least a 9 win regular season, they would then have to go undefeated at home including a victory over much hyped Tedford's Cal team  at the Rose Bowl. And it looks like everyone is feeling confident about that Cal. From the same poster linked above:
Just look at the Cal game, you remember that one don't you? UCLA out gained Cal yet lost the game due in large part to the Desean Jackson punt return when Bozworth got ear holed, and a couple more blown offensive possessions that resulted in Bear points.

UCLA had one of the top Rushing defenses in the country last year. They had two players leading the nation in sacks... They return 10 starters.... they have an innovative DC; who is just now getting his bearings after his first season as the D play caller.

This year Cal loses its 3 best Dlinemen including Brandon Mebane; 2 starting Lbers including Des Bishop; and 3 starting DBs including Daymean Hughes... that means the chances are high that Cal is going to have to win some shootouts next year with an inexperienced, and frankly less talented defensive unit on the field... On offense, Longhore is back a year older and better;; the wrs return led by Desean Jackson;;; and Forsett and a couple inexperienced backs will carry the rock... the OL lost what?? 3 or 4 starters?

I predict UCLA puts a ** hammer down on Cal this year at the Bowl... I expect a message to be sent that will reverberate throughout the recruiting landscape next year..... I wouldn't be surprised if UCLA beats them 44-14
I will leave aside the fact that UCLA out-gained Cal in last year's game because it piled up a lot of yards during garbage time.

But still ... hey I have no problem with that kind of brave talk (based on the standards of Dorrell loyalists with pathetic low expectations).

We will just come back here and ask for Dorrell to be held accountable if he fails to blow out Cal.

And if he expects UCLA to blow out a potent team like Cal, then suffice to say it is reasonable for Bruins to blow out or comfortably handle programs like Stanford, Utah, Oregon State, and even Washington State on the road. Right?

Dorrell and his apologists will have nowhere to hide this coming season. That should get everyone all fired up. We are going to get some answers in 2007.