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Wednesday News & Notes

We have mixed bag of news and notes on this humpday. Let's get right to it starting with football. The official site has published the 2007 Roster. Check it by going here. Brian Price (DT), the jewel of KD's 2007 recruiting class, checking in at 6'1 270. Breazell cannot seem to gain any weight. The senior WR is at 6'0 160. Austin is at 5'10 165. We will really need a productive season from our WRs this coming year. It will be interesting to see how these guys perform. Blaming assistant coaches once again will not work as an excuse for lack of performance from this crew.

Switching over to hoops a really nice story/interview in Hoops World on former Bruin Tracy Murray. After a long career in the NBA Tracy is settling down. He is in Vegas, networking and trying to land a scouting gig in the NBA. Hope it all works out for him. I had a chance to meet Tracy couple of times during college. He was a great kid (and I am sure he is a great guy). Hope it all works out for him.

Also on hoops a very amusing note in on Brandon Jennings, Arizona's new standard:

The style here is what I like. Coach Steve Smith at Oak Hill lets me run the show, and Salim Stoudamire told me Lute Olson lets his guards go [at Arizona]."
What's even more funny is this part from the same article. Brandon's little brother laying out what's the deal with Arizona's new standard:
When asked Monday what his older brother still needs to work on, Terrence, like many coaches and talent evaluators said, "His attitude."
Huh. A player with an "attitude" problem committing to play for Lute. Yeah, we have all seen that movie before. lol Anyways.

We will end this round up with this post on Wizard of Odds. Check out what a Bruin did to a TrOJie in the courtroom. Priceless stuff.