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Dorrell Has Been Working Hard Golfing

I'd really don't want to bring heat on Dorrell every day on BN. I really don't. But man this guy just makes it so easy.

So you have proven yourself to be nothing short of a below average or mediocre head coach at your program. You have not delivered any of the expectations you set for yourself when you took over your program. Your media skills are horrible. The alums and students at your school don't really care for you much. Your project the image of a coach who is disinterested, detached, and frankly not really on top what has been taking place in your program. So what do you do?

Well apparently if you are Karl Dorrell you give an interview to Daily News and talk about (along with your wife) about how much you love playing golf:

This is a good golf month for the Dorrells, who get to spend plenty of time together on the course because there are no football camps, scrimmages, games or recruiting trips. Karl, who is a 14-handicap, plays a lot with wife, Kim (19-handicap), and children, Chandler and Lauren, this month before UCLA football camp opens in August. Kim plays year-round at the TPC at Valencia with a regular group. Kim is usually the best-dressed. Chandler, who's 12 and has a 12 or 13 handicap, keeps score for everyone - whether they want him to or not - and Lauren, who's a gymnast, can be found cleaning golf balls, eating snacks or doing cartwheels on the course.
Yes he did. Here is the whole interview. Couple of choice samples. On Karl "coaching" in the golk course:
DN: Who's the best at helping you on the golf course?

Kim: He's a good coach. He can tell me exactly what I'm doing. Then he'll ask me, 'What am I doing wrong?' and I'll have no clue. Karl: I can watch people and know and know what they're doing, but no one can usually help me. It is (frustrating). You want to get it fixed.
And then there is the whole "thinking" part when we talk about Coach Karl:
DN: How much of a mental game do you think golf is?

Karl: You have to constantly think and plan. You have to gauge a lot of factors, weather, lie.
Yes, ladies and gentleman  the head coach of our alma mater's football program:

Whatever Karl is "thinking" and "planning" on the golf course this summer, if he doesn't end up delivering a Pac-10 championship this year, DG should make sure he has unlimited time for his "thinking" and "planning" starting this December.