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TSN Reporter Picks UCLA As A "Sleeper" NC Pick

Matt Hayes from The Sporting News, a well known Dorrell honk here on BN is at it again. He is picking Dorrell's team as a sleeper NC title pick for this coming season:

Apparently, my bud Tom Dienhart and I are the only non-West Coasters who think UCLA has enough juice to win the whole enchilada. Yet the only time the Bruins were mentioned in two days of work was during final predictions.

As Timmy B. turned to me, I stated USC and LSU would play in the BCS national title game. Then very quickly added -- while veering from the script -- UCLA is my sleeper team to get there.
Here is Dump Dorrell's reaction to that note.

We have no problem with these kinds of expectations. Our only question is whether Dorrell can deliver. We know Dorrell has been working really golfing hard, "thinking" and "planning" for this upcoming season. These kinds of notes are only helping us to clear up the picture wrt to UCLA football. If Karl Dorrell cannot deliver this coming season, he will need to go (away to a golf course).