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Show Me, Show Me, Show Me ...

Aaah. That’s time of the year. We will be hearing lot of sweet talks about how players in Karl Dorrell's football program are getting bigger, stronger, and faster.

How the team chemistry is better than ever and how everyone believes in each other!

It’s also that time of the year we get read sweet, syrupy posts about how our players are looking great in flag football drills. A poster named "Deacon Blue" on Bruin Gold shares same good news:

It's always tough to tell too much from any one practice, let alone an informal short & T shirt 7 on 7 type dealio vs a local JC squad, albeit vx one of my alma maters WLACC. But FWIW, (to this longtime practice regular), it is obvious that UCLA's overall talent level is picking up considrably. As is the confidence level & focus of the team.

These Bruins clearly have A BLAST hanging out together, talk a ton of smack & get along famously. But on the business side of the deal, there is no shortage of fire in the belly. It's AWESOME to see Trey Brown, Chris Horton, Moochie, Rodney Van, Alteran Verner & other elders schooling talented youngsters like Courtney Viney, who is smallish, but stout & VERY MUCH a cling on type DB & PLAYA. Generally the team elders were all taking the cubs under their wings & dispensing high caliber Div 1 wisdom. As for any proverbial corners turned, I'm perfectly comfortable to let the upcoming Pac 10 season determine that.
Uhmm. If folks (read Dorrell apologists) are so "perfectly comfortable" with how the team is looking this off season during these drills, then I am sure they would all right with expectations of Dorrell’s "PLAYAS" delivering a Pac-10 championship this upcoming season.

Again. Dorrell needs to show me, show me, show me … this season.

If Dorrell can do that trick (winning Pac-10 championship and beating Southern Cal), then it will finally feel just like heaven.

I don’t care how much of these sweet talking, syrupy, soothing (to Dorrell apologists) posts we read this summer, they are not going to matter if Dorrell fails to deliver again.