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It's All In The Details

Just how detailed oriented is Coach Howland?

Mitch Chortkoff from the Santa Monica Daily Mirror gives us a little idea in his story on Howland's summer camp at Palisades:

I met Howland many years ago when he was an assistant coach at UC Santa Barbara. The job brought him to some Santa Monica High games in search of talent and we struck up a friendship.

There was an annual summer basketball camp at UC Santa Barbara for high school players. A couple of other sportswriters and I thought it would be a worthwhile venture to make the drive.

We knew college assistant coaches had to be thorough in learning about the prospective players, but we didn't realize just how thorough Howland was.

One day, as we arrived at the UC Santa Barbara gym, Howland approached us with a scouting report.

"Go down that street a mile, turn left, go two blocks and you'll come to a place with the best ice cream in Santa Barbara," he told us.

We did and realized he had done his homework.
To read the rest of the article go here.

I can't wait for the day I get to meet this guy in person. I don't care how many birthdays he forgets, I hope he retires as a Bruin.