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October 12: Ben Ball Practice Begins ...

That's when our Ben Ball warriors officially get back to practice.

And per Dohn Shipp just may be completely ready to go by that date. At least according to Ben Howland:

Coach Ben Howland said Shipp was also riding a bike, exercising in the pool and really taking to his rehab from his latest hip surgery. The only soreness he experienced after running was in the muscle, and not the hip, which is a good sign.
"Josh is doing a great job with his rehab,'' Howland said. "In fact, his body looks great. I'm actually really confident, because he's already gone through it once, that barring any unforeseen issues, that this will heal and he'll be ready. So that will be big.''
UCLA begins practice Oct. 12, and Shipp is expected to be ready for it.
I thought last year was the most anticipated UCLA hoops season since 1994-95. But I think by the time October rolls around the anticipation for UCLA hoops may reach the kind of fever pitch the greater UCLA community have not experienced since the halycon days of Wooden.

Of course compare that to the dread, despair, cyncism and the general uncertainty around Bruin football. You think it has to do anything with coaching? Just saying.