New Mens Golf Coach - Derek Freeman

UCLA announced today that they have found our new mens Golf coach to replace O.D. Vincent - who bailed for Duke and more money - according to Rich Perelman, LAT  Whats Bruin. Our new coach is Derek Freeman, 36, former assistant to Vincent and former head coach of both the mens and womens golf teams at Oklahoma City College where he won an NAIA national title in '03 with the men and in '04 with the women.  It appears he was also instrumental in landing two top recruits to our mens team this year.  And apparently the team likes the move.

Does he qualify for the coaching position? As Perelman rightly asks, "Can he reach the standard by which all Bruin coaches are measured: future NCAA championships?" Indeed, that is the standard. I agree with this standard.  Freeman has won national titles, albeit at a smaller program. He has successful experience heading a college program. So, he qualifies.

Which obviously brings us to another UCLA coach, Dorrell.  Did he qualify when he was hired or does he qualify now??  I think we all know the answer to that.

Here is Perelman:

UCLA promoted assistant coach Derek Freeman to head coach of the golf team on Monday, replacing O.D. Vincent, who left for what was described as "big money" to Duke on June 25.

Freeman, 36, was the full-time men's assistant last year and had an important role in recruiting the top-ranked junior golfer in the U.S., Philip Francis, and the no. 27-ranked junior, Connor Driscoll, who will both enroll in the fall. As the coach at Oklahoma City University, his men's team won the NAIA national title in 2003 and the women's team won the NAIA in 2004.

He'll have a lot to live up to. Vincent had quite a record at UCLA, as the Bruins finished in the national top ten in four of his five years, including a second (2003-04), a third (2002-03) and two seventh-place finishes. UCLA has won one NCAA golf title, in 1988.

Was Freeman the right choice? According to one source close to the program, the answer is yes. "They got it right. There were several PGA guys in there, but Derek just hit it [his interview] out of the park. The team really loves playing for him."

Can he reach the standard by which all Bruin coaches are measured: future NCAA championships? "Yes, absolutely."

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