Report On Our PLAYAZ!: 7 on 7 Report

From "Deacon Blue" over at Bruin Gold:

All 4 QBs looked VASTLY improved. Chris Forcier looks infinitely more comfortable. As he told me, he was just guessing and slinging last week. But has a better feel and grasp now. I can't imagine many programs have walk on QBs, the caliber of Bethel-Thomspon. Mac-Beth. has shown in 4 consecutive practices that he can THROW!!! Patrick Cowan was EN FUEGO Thursday. Ben Olson looked as good as I've seen him.

Defensively, Aaron Ware, Brett Lockett and Christian Ramirez all played well under the fierce GLARE of "Coach" Chris Horton. Ware and Lockett have each bulked up physically and mentally in terms of grasping assignments. The usual suspects at corner all played well. Christian Taylor and Reggie Carter have been imrpessive. Tobi Omodu is a ROCK with suprising quicks. Akeem Ayers has excellent agility for his size.

As for the WRs, if yesterday was any indication looke out for JOE this season. It's freaky to see all 6-4, 220 of him confidently maing plays in his new blonde do and remember a shy skinny high school junior I met at a UCLA camp light years ago. The same goes for Osaar Rasshan! Dominque Johnson is clearly emerging as a target. A tall rangy, smooth, athlete with serious hops a strong set of paws. Think redzone weapon here.

Some are concerened about UCLA's tailbacks lacking explosion. Again, it was ONLY 7 on 7, vs JC competition (insert your own qualifiers and caveats here). But If UCLA can pass the ball like they did Thursday, then Markey, Bell, Moline, etal will be just fine. As for Raymond Carter. Kid took all of one play to IMPRESS, scooping up a low toss ala Ozzie Smith, whirling, juking & instantly hitting warp speed for some major YAC!!!

Carter reminds me of a young Wendell Tyler, whom I watched practice, play and met socially on several occasions back on the day. I mentioned to him that I'd seen enough of him to know he could run, but didn't know he could catch the ball like that. He arched his eyebrows, shot a megawatt smile and said confidentally: "Oh, yeah I can catch!" I'm guessing this young man might get some touches sooner than later this season. Here is the whole post which includes play by play charts.

Before you all get a little too excited note this was against "Compton Community College." But according to that poster CCC has some PLAYAZ.


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