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Hard To Steer Clear Of Dorrell's Mediocrity ....

As referenced below over at What's Bruin, Rich Perleman has been grinding away. He is putting up interesting posts on various UCLA related items. But what's funny is that in a number of his posts even though he probably doesn't mean to do it, he ends up references to Dorrell's mediocre performance as a head coach.

For example, he has a good post re. renovation of the Rose Bowl facilities. However, in making his predictions in what is going to happen as Rose Bowl goes through renovations he slips out something we already know (emphasis mine throughout):

(2) Bruin football ticket prices are going to have to increase. Current reserved seating in the Rose Bowl - located between the 15 and the end line - goes for $35 for all games this coming season except Notre Dame with end-zone seats at $17 each (also not available for Notre Dame). Compare this to Autzen Stadium at Oregon, for example, which charges $35 for Houston and Fresno State, but $47 for Cal, Washington State and Arizona State and $60 for USC and Oregon State. Standing room (not general admission) goes from $17-22.

USC charges $51 for reserved seats for its games against Idaho, Washington State and Stanford; the Arizona, Oregon State and UCLA games are sold out.

Will UCLA fans pay more? They will for a winner.
Ain't that the truth? We all know that. But it is reasonable to project that if Dorrell fails to deliver this upcoming season and shows no sign of putting together a "winner" in Westwood, Bruin fans are going to think twice about paying higher ticket prices. In fact there is a good chance the Morgan Center will get eviscerated if they try to raise ticket prices if Dorrell keeps putting together underachieving seasons.

Then there was this comment re. the new golf head coach:
Was Freeman the right choice? According to one source close to the program, the answer is yes. "They got it right. There were several PGA guys in there, but Derek just hit it [his interview] out of the park. The team really loves playing for him."

Can he reach the standard by which all Bruin coaches are measured: future NCAA championships? "Yes, absolutely."
HT to DD for spotting this in the diaries.

So we can presume Rich agrees with us that is the same exact measure by which we should judge Karl Dorrell.

May be he will answer that question here on Bruins Nation. We would love to hear his response.

As you can see though no matter how hard you try to steer away from the Dorrell topic when covering UCLA sports, you can't help but make references to Dorrell's underachievements during his four mediocres in Westwood. Its hard to stay away from that messy topic.