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Games Wthin Games

tasser10 made a very interesting comment last Friday (now expanded into a good diary) I want all of you to read. Sure its speculation but I think it is a good one if you have a sense of how stories get played out in the MSM:

Don't take it from me

As I am only speculating. But I have a strong feeling that DG does NOT like KD AT ALL! I have a feeling that he has been trying to get rid of him for a couple of years, with KD being saved by 10 wins, then the win against U$C.

And I have a VERY, VERY strong feeling that KD knows this.

And I have a strong feeling that thas is the reason for which KD said publicly that he has "brought back the UCLA tradition".

And I have an even stronger feeling that that is the reason for which the Morgan Center publicly gave its expectation of a U$C blowout this season.

I think there are games being played here, my friends.
I think tasser is on to something here, as is DD in the subsequent response:
I missed the subtlety behind Dorrell's comment about bringing back the tradition.  Your point would make sense absolutely.  A coach feeling like his seat is warm and that he is not getting any love from his boss could look for something to say in the media for some support ... to make his case.  And Dorrell does not have any clue as to how he is coming off when it comes to the media. He made a horrible choice of a statement, so far from reality, and that could mean that he is really feeling the pressure.
I think both of these observations have merit. It is mindboggling why Dorrell went on to make that absurd assertion of restoring tradition on that ESPN show. It doesn't make any sense. However, when you put that in context of how much pressure he may be feeling from both inside and out, it kind of makes sense. BTW here is that reference to the Morgan Center's signal that tasser was making in that specific comment.

I have said all along I am comfortable with Dan Guerrerro, even when he issues standard boilerplate expression-less statements in the media about Dorrell. I think this guy knows what he is doing. I give him immense credit for executing the Howland hire. I also give him credit for getting in Savage and generating so much interest in our baseball program.

I have heard from sources well-connected within UCLA that he has a "plan" in place for Dorrell. He is giving Dorrell everything he needs to succeed. He raised his salary so that no one is going to whine about UCLA not paying head coaches (even the one with not enough experience). He even raised the salaries of all the assistant coaches to make sure they are competitive with rest of the Pac-10 (certainly far cry from the penny pinching ways of Peter the Stooge Dalis). I think DG is giving KD every chance to succeed. And now if KD fails to deliver this coming season, which means bring us produce a Pac-10 championship or a very special season that leaves no doubt among Bruin faithful that UCLA football is on the right track, DG will make a move. I don't think the Mariucci rumors around the Southern Cal game last year were an accident.

As tasser suggested above, there are games being played here. And if Dorrell doesn't deliver, the only game he will be playing is at the nearest golf course.

Just another reason why I am so fired up about this upcoming season.