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[UPDATED] Matt Leinart: A Deadbeat Dad?

Not sure how else I can interpret these comments from Brynn Cameron wrt to raising Cole Cameron Leinart, the son of former TrOJan ballroom dancer:

"It's kind of hard for me as the mom -- I'm with Cole probably 99.9 percent of the time -- to open a magazine or read a newspaper article with Matt saying, Oh, I love being a dad. I love changing diapers. I love doing this. I'm like, Wait, what?' " said Cameron, who added, "I don't know how to word how he is about this, but it's been hard when I'm doing all the work, but he gets all the credit for it."

Oh and there is more from Ms. Cameron:

The Arizona Cardinals quarterback and former USC star "comes and goes whenever he wants," Cameron said. [...]

"I don't want to sit here and bad-mouth his lifestyle, but it is hard because we are different people. He likes that Hollywood stuff and I don't like that and raising a kid together, you have to work together as parents, but we're so different," Cameron said.

"It's hard, but I have to raise Cole to be a strong, secure kid so he knows what's right and wrong, what's good and bad and what really matters in life, which isn't what's going on in Hollywood or who's dating who. That's not what it's all about, and I think he'll know that being raised by me."

The Star's attempts to reach Leinart through the Arizona Cardinals were unsuccessful.

And what kind of "lifestyle" may Ms. Cameron be referring to when talking about Mr. Leinart. Here is a graphic reminder:

Gotta love the TrOJan "family values."

UPDATE I: Story now on M Zone where Yost says, "Matt Leinart's probably not going to win any Father of the Year awards".

UPDATE II: And now it appears on The Wizard of Odd.

UPDATE III: From Deadspin


This has to be a complete shock to Cameron, who surely thought Leinart -- through his friendship with Nick Lachey and Puritanical behavior at USC -- would be the stay at home dad type. We are extremely eager, as always, to eavesdrop on Kurt Warner's advice to the young QB come training camp.

When reached for comment, Leinart, sadly, did not say, "I have a kid?"

UPDATE on Cameron being "on to something":

Brynn Cameron, the mother of Matt Leinart's son, apparently isn't happy with Leinart's parenting skills. Considering that Leinart seems to party more than Paris Hilton and Linsday Lohan combined, we'd say that Cameron might be on to something.

UPDATE V: SportsbyBrooks joins the party.