Summer Practice 'Observer': Osaar Rasshan = PLAYA!

Found this pearl in Perelman's "mailbag." This came up in a response to question over why does 'UCLA always finds a way not to have a BLACK Q.B':

UCLA had another black quarterback who played in a reserve role in 1979 in Bernard Quarles and has one who's currently no. 3 on the depth chart in Osaar Rasshan from Garey High School in Pomona (pictured). Like Drew Bennett before him, he's also working out at wide receiver in order to give him an opportunity for more playing time. In a recent summer scrimmage, one observer told us he was "uncoverable."

I wonder who that "observer" was?

Regardless if Osaar is looking "uncoverable" in summer scrimmages, I don't want to hear it next time some blindo makes an excuse of UCLA not having good talent WRs after another Dorrell loss.

Go Bruins!!!

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