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Signs of Soaring Expectations

You think we are the only ones expecting a special season from Karl Dorrell in 2007?

From What's Bruin (emphasis mine):

At the height of the Bob Toledo Era, UCLA sold about 37,000 season tickets for football.

Last year, coming off a 10-2 season with more miracles than an entire season at Lourdes, the Bruins sold 43,000, including students and faculty seating. "We renewed those seats at about a 90% clip," said UCLA Director of Marketing Scott Mitchell, "which is historically high for us.

"But we're on a pace now - comparing week-against-week sales from a year ago - of about 6,500 tickets ahead at this date. So we could be at 50,000 season tickets or beyond and that's our goal."

That would be an all-time record for UCLA and a sure sign of what fans expect from the Bruins this coming season on the field.
I don't think all these Bruins are forking up their $$ for these football tickets are going to be very happy if UCLA ends up at some joke of a bowl game arranged by the Pac-10.

After delivering underachieving seasons year after year Dorrell already has been reduced to a cartoon figure among UCLA alums and students:

That ladies and gentleman is the work of our norcalbruin95. For more Simpsons related festivities go here. If Perlemen is not in the pocket of Morgan Center, I'd imagine this graphic will make it into What's Bruin (it's not like he has a problem with posting fan generated photoshops). Prove us wrong Rich.

Anyways, going back to KD the news of record setting ticket sales only confirms that people are expecting big things this coming year. And if Dorrell doesn't come through and deliver anything other than a special season there will be thousands of unhappy season ticket holders who will be looking for a change.