Pauley update - Barnstorming Bruins in 2009-10?

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Rich Perleman at What's Bruin has posted an update on the status of the upcoming renovation of Pauley Pavilion, still planned for completion before Coach Wooden's 100th birthday in October 2010.

A whole list of projects has been drawn up, including - first and foremost - a change in the seating rise at both ends of the basketball court to bring fans closer to the endlines and increase the intensity of the atmosphere in the arena.

Additional programs which are on the list for development by highly-respected HOK Architects include renovations to the locker rooms, additional court spaces for practice, a complete restructuring of the concession stands and restrooms, the installation of a grand entrance on the north side of the building (the side which faces the Intramural Field), a Bruin store, a basketball-themed Hall of Fame exhibit and advanced media facilities.

These proposals track closely with speculation concerning the renovation that has been discussed here, as well as on other sites. Perelman also tends to the question of where the Bruins would play during the one season where Pauley will be unavailable for use. He cites discussion within the program of an intriguing and until now unmentioned option.

Preliminary discussions with potential venues such as Staples Center and The Forum have taken place, but internal discussions are also underway as to whether UCLA could use the year away from Pauley to be "Southern California's team" and play some games at a variety of venues, including the Honda Center in Anaheim - site of the Wooden Classic - and the Long Beach Arena. That's a decision that will not be made until the fund-raising is completed and the actual construction schedule is set.

My first reaction to the thought of a barnstorming Bruin team in 2009-10 is that of intrigue, but with concern that too much shuttling between arenas could be a detriment to the team's performance. A plan that IMHO could work is to play the Pac-10 schedule plus a couple of non-conference games at one site - preferably the Forum, the Wooden Classic @ Honda Center as usual, and to play selected non-conference games on a rotating basis between a couple of arenas in Southern California.

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