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The PR Push From The Dorrell Apologists

Looks like some people are already lapping up the talking points:

Anyone who is familiar with the mean streets of Los Angeles can understand why he carried a gun. When you become aware that Scott has lost three brothers to due to violence in the same unforgiving mean streets, even those most against Scott have to give pause when that is taken into consideration.

More than likely all charges against Scott and his two companions, his cousin Timothy Williams who was a former player at Los Angeles (Calif.) Crenshaw and another former Crenshaw player Jesus DeAlba will be dropped.

The home of the alleged burglary is, we are told, actually the residence of DeAlba's cousin.

A neighbor saw DeAlba and Williams walking around the house and phoned the police.

When the police arrived, they questioned DeAlba and Williams. Scott was waiting his Mercedes Benz for his two former players and when he saw the police talking to them, he joined the conversation to try and sort things out.

The reason for the arrest is they couldn't find DeAlba's cousin.

For the record both Williams and DeAlba are football scholarships at D-IAA schools after going the junior college route. Scott has helped several young men go to college over the years to get an education and better their lives.

Williams and DeAlba are just two in a long line of former Crenshaw players who have gone to college regardless of division.

In light of Scott's positive contributions to his community, if those charges are dropped, Scott should immediately be reinstated and get back to work.
Note the author did not mention anything about DeAlba being expelled from the New Mexico school for breaking into and burglarizing campus dorm rooms. Yeah that's not relevant at all to this discussion. Anyways read the rest of it here.

Let me try to distill all this for you. I think these are the main points of those who are suggestion that Dorrell should keep an individual with 5 arrest warrants and 2 convictions in the UCLA football staff.
  • It is totally cool to carry around guns as long as you live in a bad neighborhood.

  • Scott's story is totally different from all the troubles we have heard about Peter Carroll's program in last few years. Of course if this was a Trojan assistant coach in Scott's post with a record of 4 previous arrests and 2 convictions, Dorrell faithful would have been totally ok with it.

  • It is all right for Karl Dorrell to hire young, inexperienced high school assistant coaches with absolutely no college experience whatsoever even if they have a shady track record.

  • Eric Scott is a kicka$$ recruiter! No way a school like UCLA like would be able to reel in elite recruits without the services of an individual like Scott.
Oh one last point, UCLA assistant coaches are now rolling around in Benzes! What was that about UCLA not coughing up enough $$ to pay its football coaches?

The PR effort to defend Scott is so laughable, its mindboggling.

It's a shame what Dorrell and his minions have done to our alma mater football program.

It's a shame.


UPDATE - N:Per Dohn UCLA did not know about Scott's prior arrest record:
First, and foremost, no UCLA did not know about Eric Scott's prior arrest record. That is according a number of sources, whose identity I cannot reveal for various reasons.
Second, UCLA has a system in place where every full-time hire has a background check done. Yes, one was done on Eric Scott, AD Dan Guerrero said today. But somehow Scott's prior arrests did not pop up, so the system is going to be evaluated.
Now that raises the question about Scott's credibility who obviously failed to disclose his prior record. In other words Dorrell brought in someone with 4 prior arrests and 2 convictions who now appears to have a credibility problem in terms of being honest and forthright with his bosses. Not the mark of a clean and "healthy environment" to say the least.