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Media Day: Lost In Dorrell Translation

Moving away from Scottapalooza lets go back to some of the notes from today's Pac-10 Media Day. Rich Perelman over at What's Bruin has been blogging away doing his best to take the focus away from the latest embarrassment in Dorrell's program.

As usual Dorrell made comments to the press. And none of them really made any sense. Here is what Dorrell said regarding expectations for this coming season:

UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said he and his team "have great expectations for this coming season, to be a strong factor in the conference race."
Uh yeah. Even a mediocre team can become a "strong factor" in the conference race or even the BCS race (just like last year) with late season upsets against contending team. Also note he is no longer talking about winning Pac-10 championships and beating Southern Cal. In fact this is how Dorrell wants to measure his program:
"Our measuring stick is the bowl games and I'm one of the teams who lost last year. We have to do a better job, me included, because I lost mine last year, to get the reputation and credibility of the conference up."
That was in response to a  question wrt Les Miles silly barbs earlier this off-season. So Dorrell measures his program based on what pathetic bowl games he takes his team to. Notice he no longer talks about winning Pac-10 championships and competing against Southern Cal.

By the way Dorrell was asked about his new OC and here was his response:
"I am excited to bring Jay here. We tried to get him before when he was in the NFL but it just didn't work out.

"This time he was excited to come to UCLA and put his stamp on a great program. We have a good offensive foundation and we speak the same language to a T, the same terminology. My expectations are my expectations."
So keep that in mind if UCLA stumbles out of the gate and Dorrell talks about how he and his new OC are working to get on the "same page."

Besides Dorrell Bruce Davis represented the program on behalf of the players. Here is what Bruce had to say:
"We have 25 seniors now and we know each other very well. We lost some games we shouldn't have [last season] and we don't want to go out there and do that again. There's nothing in college football we haven't seen and we're ready to play for each other.

Asked about what will make the difference this season, he added "We're going to outwork everybody in the country.

You don't have to be the best team in the country each Saturday; you have to be the best team against who you play each Saturday."
Well Bruce if you live up to those words you and your head coach should have no problem living up to our expectations this coming season.

By the way this is supposed to be Dorrell's year right? He has all these starters coming back. Yet the Pac-10 media didn't pick hisn team to finish higher than 3rd place. For more on today's Pac-10 Media day make sure to check out What's Bruin Dawg. Obviously we will have more posts later tomorrow. Oh and by the way Dorrell thinks (may be he is hoping) the Eric Scott issue will just "go away". Uh huh. Sure KD.

Anyways in fairness to KD, he did say this about his latest fiasco:
It's not going to affect his team or what our expectations are of this program this year. [Today] is about UCLA and our opportunity to go great things this year."
In other words he knows excuses will not work this time around. He is going to have nowhere to hide.