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A Black Eye

More information is coming out wrt to the Norwalk "adventure" (for a lack of better word) of the Dorrell's assistant (who has a record of 4 arrests including 2 convictions). From Dohn's blog:

Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Sgt. Pat Valdez added a new twist to the case involving receivers coach Eric Scott, who was arrested for alleged residential burglary Tuesday in Norwark.
Originally, police said a weapon was found at the house. Now, Valdez said the weapon was brought outside by one of the accused.
"One of the guys did take a firearm from the residence,'' Valdez said. "That firearm was recovered from the yard where these guys were all together. Based on additional information that had come forward, based on interviews by detectives, they were able to determine where the gun had actually come from.''
Valdez also said narcotics, believed to be marijuana, was found inside the house.
Hmm. So Scott was hanging out with 2 buddies who just happened to go into someone's house to pick up a firearm which was just laying around the yard? Oh and by the way there is dope involved in this whole fiasco.

Again all this could be just one big misunderstanding if we were to believe the word of Mr. Grimes (his attorney) and all the Dorrell apologists/hacks who are in desperation spin control mode. However, on surface right now this doesn't look good.

The damage has already been done to UCLA. Mike Waldner from the Daily Breeze, who has a reputation of being strong supporters of UCLA coaches (the guy even wrote soothing columns on Steve Lavin even when it became obvious that Lavin was a know nothing clown), has a biting column on this whole fiasco:
One of the reasons Karl Dorrell was hired to replace Toledo was he not only was willing to make character a prerequisite in UCLA football, he insisted it had to be a major part of his program.

Then along came Eric Scott.


You can see Bob Toledo in New Orleans, where he now is the Tulane coach, chuckling.

He's chuckling because at least none of his assistants were arrested.
Waldner points out the obvious:
It's not as if Dorrell was hired on Monday. This is the start of his fifth season as UCLA's coach. While there have been questions about the quality of his teams, especially in the consistency department, he has held a tight grip on the reins.
Well I am not sure. I think under Dorrell the UCLA program has been "clean" according to his supporters. But we have had issues as I pointed out earlier. But still this is just crazy.

Anyways more choice grafs from Waldner:
Let's say the investigation, which could take a couple of days, a couple of weeks or even a couple of months depending on the workload of the Sheriff's Department deputy or deputies working on the case, is concluded and no charges are filed.

Even so, Scott could find himself off administrative leave and out of work.

This is where the story turns murky or even ugly.

Scott has priors. He has four prior arrests with two convictions, for each of which he was placed on probation.

It would not be stunning if the powers that be at UCLA fire him because he was not totally candid about his rap sheet.
And then Waldner makes the point we have been making for last 48 hours:
Whatever the outcome, this gives UCLA's football program a black eye. You know parents of recruits will be asked if they want to send their son to a school that hires coaches who are arrested.
As I have been saying for last couple of days this is bad news for Dorrell. This is going to amplify the pressure that was building on him coming into this season. Even Waldner in the same article asserts that Dorrell will not have to win at least 10-11 games to relieve the pressure he is facing this season.

Meanwhile, while Waldner notes the increasing pressure building on Dorrell, DD has the story on TJ Simers radio interview declaring KD being on "thin ice":
Before anyone sets their hair on fire, we are not big fans of TJ Simers.  He does say interesting things at times and does drive discussion of local sports issues.  And he is another data point out there when measuring UCLA football in the media.  This morning, TJ Simers made it very clear on his show on AM 570 what he thought about the job Dorrell is doing at UCLA.  He thinks Dorrell "is on thin ice" and that now it is clear that Simers "doesn't trust his judgment."

Meanwhile, the LA Times reporter who wrote yesterday's story gave an interview to the Wizard Of Odd. I couldn't play the interview on my laptop. So if you any of you listen to it, if you can fill us in the comment thread, that'd be great. BTW a side note on Lance Pugmire, as noted by bluestreet in the comment section. Isn't it interesting that the Trojan Times didn't waste any time to get their non-UCLA beat reporter (we can presume Pugmore covers LAT's crime beat) to jump all over all this story. While time after time after time they stuck with their usual Cheatie Peetie's lapdogs to cover the stories of all the systematic pattern of transgressions that have come out of South Central over the years. Whatever, I guess. At this point it doesn't matter.

The damage has been done.

Under Dorrell leadership the image of UCLA football program has taken a huge hit.

The whole fiasco under Dorrell's watch has given our alma mater a black eye.

Thanks a lot Dorrell.