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The City of Angels: A Bruin Town

As we all head out to the freeways, subways, airports or wherever we are heading to enjoy the Holiday (which is already off to a ROCKING START!!!!) just keep this in mind:

The 2006-07 season also marked the first time that UCLA swept USC in football, men's basketball and baseball. USC last accomplished the feat in 1940-41.
Remember that fact if you get stuck in the free way.

Picture this (or check it out in your iPhone) if you are standing in some long line at the airport:

Or visualize this if some a&&clown (with a TrOJan license plate) cut you off on the 405:

That's right.

We own this town even with Dorrell in charge of our football program.

Oh did I mention the best college basketball coach in America also reigns in Westwood?

Its good to bleed blue and gold.