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Its A Blue And Gold Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday comes early for Bruins Nation.

Bruin Report Online just came out with a blockbuster (but not unexpected) announcement (free article).

Jruuuuuuuuuuuuuue Holiday is a Bruin (emphasis added):

Jrue Holiday, the 6-3 guard from North Hollywood (Calif.) Campbell Hall -- the #5-ranked player in the nation -- will announce his decision to attend UCLA today, according to sources.

He chose UCLA over Washington, after eliiminating North Carolina, Arizona and others earlier.

Holiday is one of the most critical -- and biggest -- recruits in the last decade for UCLA.

Holiday is one of the most promising guards to come out of Southern California in a long time and is considered the best all-around So-Cal guard prospect since Baron Davis.

Holiday's interest in UCLA really picked up after the Bruins went to their second Final Four in two years. He narrowed down his choices to UCLA and Washington, where his older brother, Justin, will be attending this year.

We've heard from sources that the chance to stay close to home, near his family, and play for an elite program like UCLA and coach like Ben Howland, was instrumental in his decision. We've also heard that Jerime Anderson, the guard already committed to UCLA, was a factor in Holiday's decision.
Welcome to Heaven Jrue.

UPDATE: This news is so huge even the TrOJan Times is not wasting any time to jump into this Bruin party:
Jrue Holiday of North Hollywood Campbell Hall became the crown jewel of what could be the nation's No. 1 basketball recruiting class when he committed to UCLA on Tuesday.

Holiday, a 6-foot-4 senior, averaged 23.1 points, 9.4 rebounds and 6.4 assists in leading Campbell Hall to the state Division IV championship last season.

He can play point guard or shooting guard and has been rated one of the top players for his position in the nation.

His mother, Toya, confirmed Tuesday that her son had called UCLA Coach Ben Howland to give him the news.

"It was his decision," Toya said. "He wanted to stay home."

Howland was so determined to land Holiday that people at Campbell Hall have joked that he had his own parking space on campus.
I will say it once again:

Thank You Lord For Giving Us Ben Howland.

UPDATE II: BBR with a solid post on Jrue's commitment to UCLA.

UPDATE III: Some really interesting early tidbits from Dohn:
--He said he has known fellow UCLA commit and Canyon of Anaheim guard Jerime Anderson since they were in seventh grade. They played AAU ball together.
--He said he was thrilled with the overall look of UCLA's recruiting class, and was comfortable with the current selection of players. "I know everybody at UCLA,'' he said. "I think it's a great recruiting class.''
--Did UCLA making back-to-back Final Fours impact his decision? "Not at all,'' he said.
--Did you grow up rooting for UCLA? "No, North Carolina,'' he said. "I was a North Carolina fan. Michael Jordan, for one reason, and because of their colors.''
The fact that Jrue grew up a UNC fan doesn't surprise me. When he was growing up a certain "coach" whose name I will not mention on this festive start of the weekend was busy destroying the name brand of UCLA. Howlad has restored that brand in just four years. It is amazing to think just few months ago UNC was leading the recruiting wars for Jrue (with Washington running second). IIRC Roy Williams even rolled out Number 23 during his visit (unofficial) to Chapell Hill. At the end it didn't matter. Howland made a clear cut case to the hottest recruit from Southern California since Baron Davis: UCLA is the place to be. Its the place to be if you want to win conference championships, be on track to hang NCAA banners and move on to the NBA.

Again God Bless Ben Howland.

I believe we are witnessing history. We are in the midst of another special era of UCLA hoops. Lets soak it all in.