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Closing Down Our Borders ...

Relax Fox. This is not going to be a political post. Don't run away.

The entry of this title simply refers to what the best college basketball coach in America has done to borders of Southland.

No longer can Roy Williams, Lute Olson, Krzyzewskis of the world can just waltz into Southern California and pick of California blue chips from our own backyard. Those guys made a career out of stocking their programs with Southern California talents (Gilbert Arenas, Luke Walton, Paul Pierce, Jacque Vaughn, Ricky Price) when we were stumbling around with poor to mediocre coaches.

No more. Those days are over.

Southern California is Coach Howland's world.

Another look at his latest gem (beating UNC bound Larry Drew's team. Drew was hoping for a UCLA offer but ended up committing to Roy when he got the hint UCLA's recruiting was getting loaded w/ Anderson, Lee, and Holiday in the back court):

What is so awesome about the way Howland has locked up perhaps the richest hotbed of hoops talent is the "LA" in "UCLA Basketball." actually is representative of the City of Angels (not to be confused with Pom Pom's 'angels'). This is our team full of kids from our city's communities. They are the best this city has to offer.

They are representing their families, friends, along with the students and alums of the best public university in American.

Another note. If you think the tone of our excitement is a little different for basketball recruiting as we are joyous over what is shaping to be the number 1 class for the class of 2008, compared to what is being put together in hoops. You are not mistaken.

Unlike football, we have full confidence that Coach Howland will actually do something with the talent (Jrue is another 5 star) he is amassing in Westwood.

We all know. It is not a matter of if but when Howland will hang banner(s) in Westwood.

Once again Howland sent a message to rest of the college basketball world today. The borders are closed in Southern California.

It belongs to Coach Howland and our Ben Ball Warriors from Westwood.