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Two Bruins In the Mexican National Team?

Not kidding around here.

May be its not too far fetched to visualize Mata bruising opponents while playing for the Mexican national team. But how about Mata playing alongside another Bruin warrior?

From the Kansas City Star:

Somewhere in Los Angeles, NBA veteran Earl Watson broke away from his workout routine and passionately spoke about the possibility of "representing the country" in the upcoming Olympic-qualifying FIBA Americas tournament.

It would be an honor, Watson said. An act that could build bridges for young, aspiring basketball players in the country. Something that would make his familia proud.

He would love to play for the red, white and green.

Green? Si.

Watson, the Washington High product who now plays guard for the Seattle SuperSonics, is considering playing for the Mexican national team this summer.

"It's an honor to represent my mother's country and a part of me," Watson said during a phone interview. "So for me, it's major."

If it seems a little confusing for a guy named Earl to be considered for the Mexican basketball team, you have to understand that Watson is a product of a biracial union. Watson's father is black, and his mother, Estella, is Mexican.

Watson grew up in a predominately black Wyandotte County neighborhood but never forsook his Mexican heritage. He remembers the soul food every Thanksgiving and chorizo every morning. He's not fluent in Spanish, but every time he visits Cancun he picks up the language again. To this day, Watson carries his grandfather Jesus' green card as a reminder of his heritage.
Apparently this is still a long shot. Per the article Watson is apprehensive about playing in the Mexcan national team because it is supposedly riddled with corruption. But still methinks it would be very cool to see Mata and Watson playing together in the same team.