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"You either get it or you don't."

Our bloggers are simply on fire.

This epic blast is now burried deep in the threads, and I believe everyone here needs to read it. From UCngLA:

"You either get it or you don't."

I was raised in a neighborhood that, let's say, wasn't the suburbs. I had friends who were killed in gang killings, played Little League with guys who grew up to be drug dealers and had to stop hanging out with childhood friends who chose to date gang bangers when we entered our teens. Now mind you, all of these people had choices. We lived in Los Angeles afterall and not some small impoverished town in the middle of America. We could see that there were plenty of options for everyone of us. We had good schools and plenty of after school activities. Those who took bad paths paid a price and, I am happy to report, many learned from their mistakes and moved on to good lives. I see them often, they are active members of the community. Some are teachers, some are bus drivers, others are parents. Unfortunately, there are a few (probably more than a few) who still can't seem to figure out why the "world is keeping them down."  They can't seem to identify their culpability in their own plight, especially in regards to the company they choose to keep.

When you are raised in such an environment understanding who is up to no good is something which can be described as being almost instinctive. It isn't vague, questionable or obscure. You just know and if you choose to hang out with them anyway, you have to suffer the consequences. If you are a willing participant in a crime that is being committed by your companions, then obviously you are guilty. If you had no idea what they were going to do but you knew that they were capable of doing such a thing, then you are guilty by association and for choosing to hang out with thugs. If that is something that someone like Eric Scott hasn't figured out by the age of thirty, then he is someone who would fall into the "just doesn't get it" category.

People who "don't get it" are always crying that it wasn't their fault or that they were somehow in the wrong place at the wrong time. These are the same people who, when they already have two strikes (a reference to the CA justice system) against them, decide to ignore all common sense and hang out anyway with buddies who they know are probably going to get high or will be carrying a gun. Then when something bad goes down and they are caught up in the mess, they will complain that the system is unjust. Now complaining about the system is pointless because it isn't going anywhere. (What good does being correct about unfair system do you when you are sitting in a jail cell or buried six feet under ground?) What is on point is that individuals who want to succeed in life (those who "get it") make sure they aren't putting themselves in jeopardy by hanging out with those who they know are prone to getting into trouble.

I do believe that everyone is capable of changing for the better. However, if you haven't made those changes by the age of thirty, I'm not placing any of my money on you.

Keep them coming guys. Keep them coming.