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Failing To Ask The Tough Questions

Dohn is working overtime these days to give us one side of the story. The UCLA side of the story. In his latest report Dohn gives us Scott's attorney's version of the story:

Milton Grimes said he conducted his own investigation over the weekend, and will present evidence in hopes of convincing the district attorney's office to not file charges.

Scott is on paid administrative leave after his arrest by the LosAngeles Sheriff's Department last week on suspicion of alleged felony burglary.

"We anticipate before the end of the week this will be cleared up," Grimes said. "We talked to the neighbors. This kid wasn't involved in any crime. This should not be challenged in the courts."

Grimes said Scott, wearing a UCLA sweatshirt and shower shoes, was in the car, parked "two doors down" because of crowded parking on that part of Pioneer Boulevard, while he waited for two others, Jesus DeAlba and Timothy Williams, both of whom were also arrested.
Well there you have it guys. Mr. Grimes is doing his own investigation. So that should tell us everything we need to know. Obviously Mr. Grime's own "investigation" will be enough for number of Dorrell supporters, lot of whom are the same people who have mocked Pete Carroll in the past for saying how the Trojans were looking into things and would handle matters internally when his players name showed up on the police blotter.

Dohn's article also mentions how there was "a breakdown" in the vetting process of Scott's background check before the info reached the athletic center, essentially fingering the UCLA Police Department and the campus human resources department, for failing to pull up the records of Scott's arrest. However, as M noted in the comment section yesterday to date no one has really pursued the answers to the following germane questions.
  1. Did ES fill out an employment application?

  2. What does it ask, and what answers were given?

  3. Or, assuming, as they probably will, that the Morgan Center objects to releasing the application for privacy/policy reasons, what exact form application did ES fill out.

  4. To whom was the application submitted, and who reviewed it before the hiring decision was made? KD? DG? Just an HR flunky?
I'd like to see satisfactory answers to those questions as well. Because right now from all appearances it looks like someone is working hard to sweep this under the rug. That is not going to work. If we never hear any satisfactory responses to what Dorrell knew and when did he know it, the current stain on his program is going to be permanent.

UPDATE -N: OC Register has bit more on how the background check works at UCLA:
At UCLA, criminal conviction records for job candidates in what are deemed critical positions are obtained through fingerprint checks conducted by the UCLA police department — they check with the state Department of Justice as well as the FBI, for convictions in other states.

The check also might include a verification of an applicant's identity and educational degree, a review of DMV records, government security clearance and drug testing, as required by law. Only designated human resources professionals on campus have access to and are able to review criminal offender histories.

Scott, who is on a paid administrative leave, has yet to be charged in the latest incident. The L.A. Sheriff's Department continues to investigate and has been unable to determine who was living at the house where Scott and two other men were arrested.

What police said was a large quantity of marijuana was found at the house, and a handgun was recovered outside. The gun was not registered to Scott or Timothy Williams or Jesus DeAlba, who also were arrested on suspicion of residential burglary.
Thats's somewhat helpful. But we still need to find out exactly what Scott disclosed to UCLA during his hiring process and whether KD exercised due diligence inquiring from Scott re. prior records given that he was aware of Scott's difficult past.