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A TrOJan Pedophile

So how many of you guys remember this drama we had on BN little more than month ago? BruinFan1 apologized for saying "Trojans are pedophiles".

Well obviously it may not be cool to label an entire fan base with such a broad brush. Not all Trojans are pedophiles, but every now and then one shows up on national TV (via Bruinzone):


Guys ... I dunno. I couldn't take my eyes off that baseball cap. From that tape the dude sounds like a sick, deranged individual. Then again you have to be a little off mentally to be a die hard TrOJie and proclaim there is nothing wrong with the way their renegade coaches are running their football and basketball programs.

I am not sure if any Bruin fan can be blamed if they use the video to "poke fun" at the TrOJies.

God knows those losers make it so easy for us.