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Dohn Trots Out the 'Unreasonable Expectations' Card Again

I wonder if reporters/media will ever stop from using the BS 'Unreasonable Expectations' card wrt to UCLA football fans?

Dohn is at it again. While he is fairly on the money most of the time, he continues to misses the point re. the expectations of Bruin fans when it comes to our football programs. He trots out the unreasonable expectations card again:

Safe to say that Dorrell is on the hot seat with the fans, but is he really on the hot seat within the UCLA Administration? In your opinion, what does this year's team have to accomplish in order for Dorrell to remain on? Do you think that the fan's expectations are realistic, given the success that USC is having these days or is that simply an added motivator? Old news or not, UCLA did "slay the dragon" last year (13-9). What's your take? Thanks.
Lots of questions, but starting with the hot seat, I think Dorrell's is warm. The team is set up to win big this season, the staff is making more money than ever and the schedule is favorable. If UCLA doesn't win at least eight games, there could be trouble. As for the fans' expectations, yes, I believe UCLA's fans are unrealistic. They expect to compete with USC, and there are only a few programs (Texas and Florida) that seem capable of doing so. USC has a different playing field, i.e., admissions and coaching salaries, not to mention, according to a few folks I know, a much more supportive alumni and booster base. As far as beating `SC last season, I don't really care anymore. I think UCLA fans are jumping all over that because their football, on a whole, has been bad since the 20-game winning streak.
This is not worth delving into detail any more, considering Bruin Blue has already effectively shredded that the "Unreasonable Expectations" card here on BN.

Every time people like Dohn (a Rutgers grad who simply cannot grasp the minds of UCLA alums and students) trot out that BS argument, we will keep referring to Bruin Blue's post destroying that nonsense again and again.

BTW also note the inherent contradiction in his answer. He says Dorrell is all set up "to win big this season," yet he is setting the minimum expectations at 8 wins. Just doesn't make sense. Then again for a Rutgers graduate, I guess 8 wins seem like winning "big."

Oh well. Dohn is a very good reporter, but when it comes to offering takes on UCLA football he sometimes misses the mark ... badly.