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The Prototype Ben Ball Warrior

I cannot get enough of Holiday related stories (even the ones that are not so original).

TSN's Mike DeCourcy had a chance to watch Holiday last weekend. He notes Holiday is tougher than he looks:

Saturday afternoon, UCLA coach Ben Howland watched with a smile as Holiday and future Bruins point guard Jerime Anderson led the Pumps into the tournament's quarterfinals. Anderson played a solid first half, setting up teammates and hitting a 3-pointer in an early surge that opened a huge lead. He faded in the second half and committed too many turnovers against heavy pressure from the Georgia-based Hoop Planet All-Stars, but eventually he recovered and regained control of the game. Anderson affirmed his ability to play under control, set up teammates and defend at the point of attack.

The Pumps' obvious star, however, was Holiday. Ranked the No. 1 shooting guard in the 2008 recruiting class by, he showed he was worthy of that rating even on a day when his shot was off the mark.

He attacked the goal eagerly, especially with drives into his left -- and supposedly weaker -- hand. "I can finish [with my] right, but I don't think people guard the left hand," Holiday said. "It's easier."

He was sharp enough shooting the ball to average 18.2 points and hit 49.3 percent from the floor in four games at the USA Basketball Youth Development Festival last month, but he followed that up with a week's vacation from the game.

"I just sat around, went swimming. I guess there wasn't anything in the schedule, so I got to relax a little bit," Holiday said. "I'm just trying to get back. I'm trying to get my legs back"

Holiday introduced himself to those watching Saturday by diving to recover a loose ball about 90 seconds into the game. Imagine that: a player hitting the floor during a summer tournament game!

That sort of attitude will serve him well whether he operates in a two-man backcourt at UCLA or whether he occasionally has to contend with small forwards while playing alongside Anderson and 6-4 guard Malcolm Lee of Riverside, Calif. The three of them played on the same team at the USA event, and all averaged double-figure scoring. Howland played with three smalls on the perimeter at Pittsburgh, and it worked beautifully, but that alignment demanded that 6-3 Jaron Brown demonstrate an uncommon degree of toughness. If necessary, that will be Holiday's job for the Bruins.
Talk about a "perfect fit" for Coach Howland's program in Westwood.

Can you imagine if Love decides to stick around (I am not going to get my hopes up here but I will just imagine) to team up with Jrue, Jerime, Malcom, Drew et al.?