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Faster & Quicker!

So apparently our players are feeling faster and quicker – thanks to Randy Horton – a conditioning coach brought into the program by DeWayne Walker:

Of the more than 20 players who were asked why there was a noticeable increase in speed during the first week of practice, each one came up with the same answer: Randy Horton and "fast-twitch" muscles.

"I feel more explosive. I feel that I have better top-end speed. I'm in way better shape," said Davis, UCLA's All-American defensive end. "I have to attribute that to Randy Horton, because he came in and kind of changed it up. It's something we haven't been exposed to as a group."

According to the Peak Performance Web site, "fast-twitch" muscles "contract two to three times faster than their slow-twitch counterparts," and "activating fast-twitch motor units is the key to improved strength, speed and power."

And there are more than 100 players and coaches at UCLA to vouch for it.

"(Horton) made us run hills, do (explosion) jumps and stuff. It was intense," UCLA left tackle Micah Kia said. "My difference in working with coach Horton is downfield, and being able to get after the safety and the linebacker. I think it's affected our entire offensive line." Several program insiders said players complained to coach Karl Dorrell about a lack of increased speed during their UCLA careers. Players were getting bigger and stronger, but an improvement in speed was often negligible.

Walker, who turned around UCLA's defense last season, had the answer for improving the team's speed this season: Horton, who played cornerback for Walker at Mt.San Antonio College in Walnut.

Horton, 37, gave up sprinting after a severe muscle tear, but he remained involved in the training aspect. He often worked out former college players, including UCLA product Matt Ware, who were readying for the NFL combines or NFL team workouts.

"Man, I really do feel faster, and feel quicker," said tailback Chris Markey, who ran for 1,107yards last season. "Guys have been telling me that I look faster. Maybe it's the white cleats, maybe it's not, but I feel lighter on my feet."
All right then. Then I see no reason why we shouldn’t have an explosive running game, an explosive passing attack, and of course an explosive defense, which will not look like this in 2007:

Oh that was just the second half highlights. If you want to remind yourself on how the first half of that game went click here.

Just thought I give you all a little reminder how Walker’s defense looked like a joke against teams running college offenses last season.

Again it is nice to read all these fluff pre-season articles about how our players are feeling faster and quicker, but as you know none of it is going to matter if they again look like bunch of jokers under Dorrell’s leadership this coming season. I don’t really give a cr&p about how these guys are feeling and looking at practice from Monday to Fridays, I care how they look on the field on Saturdays.

We are just tired of the same old song and dance year after year.