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2nd Source Confirms Svoboda Fired by Text Message

Thanks to DD for staying on top of this disturbing news--A

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Right. We were ready to drop this story once we got confirmation from Marc Dellins, UCLA football SID, and from Jim Svoboda himself that he was NOT fired by text message. But 2 things have happened since we broke this story.

  2. We personally spoke to a second, well-placed source (an NCAA football coach that knows Svoboda well), that confirmed that Svoboda was fired by text message.

  4. Jim Svoboda himself did not deny that his mother-in-law sent us that email, although in 2 emails he had the opportunity when asked. As Woodward and Berstein would say, "He did not deny."

Furthermore, the second source (who again is an NCAA football coach who knows Jim Svoboda well) added something more interesting.  Svoboda, according to this source, approached Dorrell 3 times and asked him point blank if he wanted to go in a different direction. In all 3 cases, Dorrell said "no" that everything was "going to be alright."  When told that Svoboda denied in writing that he was fired by text message this source replied, "Of course he would. That is the business we're in. He can't say that publicly."  He continued, "It was wrong of Dorrell to do that. You just don't do that." It also happens to be against California employment law, which states that if you terminate an employee it must be done in person.

Now, one crazy email from a supposed mother-in-law against the denials of UCLA and Svoboda himself put this issue to bed.  But an NCAA coach confirming it makes it more likely that it went down this way.  We know that there will be nothing made of this in the press. But you can know that we are getting to the bottom of this.  If this is how he is conducting himself representing UCLA and UCLA football it is disgraceful. Moreover, if he is lying about it, given the total lack of transparency regarding the Scott hiring, we are now, for the first time ever, beginning to question his integrity.  The one thing we liked about him is now seriously in doubt.  Shameful.