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2007 Blogpoll - Bruins Nation's Preseason Ballot (DRAFT)

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It's that time of the year again. Time to get ready to cast our ballot in the 3rd edition of blogpoll. If you discovered this place on the internets in the recent months and have no idea what "blogpoll" is all about here is the 411 courtesy of MGoBlog.

We have been partaking in this exercise ever since we launched more than two years ago.

So here is the deal. The first blogpoll of 2007 is going to released on the 22nd (next Wedensday). Then there is going to be a second one based on feedback from bloggers all over the sphere that will come out on the 29th.

Here is the current draft ballot for the BN vote.

Rank Team Delta
1 West Virginia 25
2 Southern Cal 24
3 Texas 23
4 LSU 22
5 Florida 21
6 Michigan 20
7 UCLA 19
8 Louisville 18
9 Virginia Tech 17
10 Wisconsin 16
11 California 15
12 Ohio State 14
13 Oklahoma 13
14 Georgia 12
15 Tennessee 11
16 Penn State 10
17 Auburn 9
18 Oregon 8
19 Florida State 7
20 TCU 6
21 Oregon State 5
22 Arizona State 4
23 Texas A&M 3
24 Arkansas 2
25 Arizona 1

Dropped Out:

I have already submitted these rankings. However, I can change them based on your feedback anytime up to Wednesday.

So take a look at this ballot. Let me know what you think.

As lot of the veterans will attest I do my best to take in all the suggestions and adjust our vote so that it reflects as a true community exercise.

One thing though. I am not going to put Southern Cal at number 1. I am sorry I don't care how much hype they are getting, I am not going to put them at the 1 spot.

First there was this. They are not even the number 1 team in Los Angeles:

Photo credit: Ruth Lozano at Flickr via LAist

How can you respect a team that blew it against a Dorrell coached football team with a national championship game on the line.

I know the whole world (including the blogosphere) are going nuts over the gang of (alleged) criminals and thugs from cross-town, but color me unimpressed. I don't think Reggie Carter has any respect for the Trojan "Heisman" contender.

AP Photo

So why should we?

And to tack on to that those guys lost Steve Smith or Dwayne Jarrett. Their running game despite all the talent didn't amount to much last season.

Plus they are not very deep at the OL. IIRC they are replacing three guys at the OL, including an AA at the Center.

Uhm may be Sarkisian will be do a better job this year now that he doesn't have to be in that weird Co-OC set up with Kiffin. But me thinks they are still going to miss Chow.

Anyways, I am not saying Southern Cal is not going to be a contender. They are going to compete. But I think those guys will lose 2-3 games, and will not be the invincible team that everyone is making them out to be. Besides, Kyle over at Dawg Sports seems to be on the same page with me on this. (If you want to see how others are voting you can also check out the ballots of MGoBlog, Maize n Brew, Roll 'Bama Roll, and Black Shoe Diaries)

So I am going with West Virginia, who I believe is going to run the table with the tandem of Pat White and Steve Slaton.

Other than that I am going to open this up for discussion. As for the rest of the top-10 I am little unsure about Virgina Tech at number 9. Perhaps they are ranked too high? And no I don't think I am over-rating our Bruins. Based on the talent, experience, and a favorable schedule, we expect UCLA to have the kind of season that will merit at least a top-10 season.

I'd really like to hear your take specially with the teams ranked from 11-25. The teams that I considered but did not include in the top-25 list are Notre Dame, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Georgia Tech.