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Here is a little relief from all the ongoing discussions wrt to Dorrell's mediocre football program:

Here you go, Pac-10 fans. Get ready for the hype. Here's a sneak peek at Lindy's preseason No. 1.

It's UCLA.

According to the magazine: "There are just too many quality ingredients to stop the Bruins' march to a third consecutive Final Four, and without Florida to get in the way this time, this one leads to the program's 12th national championship."

It might seem a little early to be talking college basketball - many schools haven't even held a big football scrimmage yet - but the Pac-10 is going to be at the center of the discussion this season, so let's get started. The league is deeper and more talented than last season, despite the loss of its two best players - UCLA guard Arron Afflalo and Oregon guard Aaron Brooks.

The Bruins will be able to shake off Afflalo's early departure to the NBA because of the leadership of point guard Darren Collison, the best depth of the Ben Howland era and the arrival of freshman big man Kevin Love.

At least that's the thinking of Lindy's national writer and resident prognosticator, the venerable Frank Burlison of the Long Beach Press Telegram. "Kevin Love has the opportunity to have as much impact as a freshman as Greg Oden did for Ohio State last season," Burlison writes.

UCLA No. 1?

I can live with that.
So can we.