Timmeh adds Nepotism to Playbook

Another story that just makes me chuckle.  Perfect for a Friday.

While Ben Howland is out there locking up some of the best recruiting classes around, our boy Timmeh is adding another page to his unconventional (read: desperate) recruiting playbook.  The latest per the LAT:

USC's new director of basketball operations should sound familiar to those who follow Trojans recruiting.

He is Dwayne Polee, the father of Westchester High sophomore Dwayne Polee Jr., a guard who last year committed to USC before he had played a game for the Comets.

Trojans Coach Tim Floyd said he was not concerned that his most recent hire was the father of a top recruit "because I think he's more qualified than 90% of the assistants that come into college basketball based on his playing experience and what he can bring to the table for us at SC through his contacts in our area."

So, let's see if I understand this.  Southern Cal locks up one-star (at least so far) recruit Dwayne Polee Jr. by giving his old man a job.  Awesome.  Hmmm, what is that word I'm thinking of?  Oh hey, it's:
nep·o·tism 'ne-p-"ti-zm (noun):  favoritism (as in appointment to a job) based on kinship

And, wow, it sounds like Polee Sr. is awfully well qualified.  Playing experience and a son who plays.  Why look for actual coaching experience when you can get that?  So, I guess, there Timmeh goes, adding another technique to this fantastic recruiting playbook:

Timmeh's Recruiting Handbook

Rule No. 1:  Sign big-name trouble maker (O.J. Mayo) using shady recruiting practices.

Rule No. 2:  Lock up a second big name recruit (Demar DeRozan) by wasting a roster spot on a one-star rapper, namely Master P's son, Lil' Romeo (Percy Miller) who just happens to be the guy's best friend.

Rule No. 3:  Lock up additional small name recruits (such as Ryan Boatwright) in eighth grade before they are old enough to know any better.

[And now] Rule No. 4:  Promise jobs to recruit's dads to get them to commit to Southern Cal.

Genius.  I only wish UCLA had the benefit of such coaching genius.

Then again, we do to some extent, but just not in basketball.

Let's see, Southern Cal hires an individual with no discernible experience but close ties to the community that might help in recruiting:

Floyd described Polee, 44, as an invaluable recruiting tool because of his background and personality.

"He was the No. 1 player in the United States coming out of high school," Floyd said. "He's the age of the parents of every young person we're recruiting in our region of the country, and they all know who he is. He played in the NBA. He's got a great demeanor, a great manner about him, and I felt very comfortable with him."

Hmm, I don't know where I've heard that before.  And, the idea of someone getting an edge potentially because of a family connection, that's completely, 100% unheard of at Dorrell's football program, right?  

Anyway, the funniest part of all this?  Polee Sr.'s new responsibilties for Timmeh's gang:

Polee called his hiring "a blessing" and said his job entailed making sure players attended class and didn't have any problems with their living quarters at USC.

Just exactly what you want nepotism-man working on.  Housing issues for Southern Cal.  I'm sure this fine gentlemen is the perfect fit to arrange for free and cut-rent housing for USC hoopsters.  The guy probably has Bush and Jarrett's numbers on speed dial, just to get him going.

Too funny.


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