E-mail Survey about Pauley Renovations

It was a series of questions about what amenities are important to me. (centering the court, baselines closer to stands, concessions, rest rooms, locker room facilities, historical section, scoreboard, sightlines, VIP parking...)

Also a lot of questions about luxury boxes, club seating, premier floor seats and my willingness to contribute financially for these type of seats.

They also asked what type of rationing criteria I thought should be used in the distribution of season seats (ie number of years as a season ticket holder, level of donor, lifetime donations, alum...).

Also a couple of questions about willingness to buy season tickets to women's bball, volleyball (both women's and men's) & gymnastics.

Also some questions about willingness to continue to contribute to existing donor programs if I participated in some sort of luxury seating capacity.

The feeling I got is  that they wanted to turn Pauley Pavilion into the world class facility UCLA basketball deserves.

Some of the pictures they showed as examples of the club levels and suites were awesome. It really got me excited but I think a lot of the older season ticket holders will complain because their seats will be significantly more expensive in the    
renovated building.

The last section was for comments.

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