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The Best College Basketball Program in America

Here is a little detour from all the football hype in BN. has a list of the best collegiate basketball program in the nation based on the number of NBA draft picks and players come out of a program.

Did you really have any doubt as to who would top this list?:

Are you a basketball player who has some talent and wants to go to a top college basketball program that will give you a good chance to make it to the league? Or are you an agent who wants to know which colleges produce the most NBA talent? Either way, there is an article that hopes to guide you in the right direction when it comes to scouting the most successful programs (in terms of having its players make the NBA). [Top 10: NBA Colleges]

Here is an abbreviated version…because I know all of you have a standard case of the Monday’s:

1. UCLA - 98 NBA draft picks, 70 NBA players.
2. University of North Carolina - 94 NBA draft picks, 69 NBA players.
3. University of Kentucky - 91 NBA draft picks, 65 NBA players.
4. Indiana Universty - 69 NBA draft picks, 51 NBA players.
5. Duke University - 73 NBA draft picks, 48 NBA players.
6. University of Kansas - 64 NBA draft picks, 46 NBA players.
7. St. John’s University - 60 NBA draft picks, 48 NBA players.
8. University of Notre Dame - 58 NBA draft picks, 48 NBA players.
9. University of Louisville - 61 NBA draft picks, 42 NBA players.
10. University of Illinois - 68 NBA draft picks, 39 NBA players.
Here is the article the post above was referring to. Not that Coach Howland need any more ammunition on the recruiting trail but I imagine every little bit helps.

BTW UNC and Kentucky fans if you want to play this game based on who has won the most NCs, we will play that game too. Better yet we would love to settle it on the court hopefully sometime late March or early April in 2008.

Also speaking of this topic apparently the Morgan Center sent out a press release re. Lindy's ranking Ben Ball warriors as the number 1 team in the nation. That shouldn't be news to regular readers of BN.

Luckily in hoops we have a head coach, who we know is going to put our athletes in best position to live up to these gaudy expectations. That's what makes following hoops so much more fun compared to the dread and cynicism that pervades through Dorrell's program.